Being a manager we never like to be called a micro manager, but many times situationsforce us to practice this controversial management theory. Everyone says if you are micromanaging your team then you are a bad manager, but is it really true?

Let’s talk about it further. No one like micro management and it also not create leaders out of your team, it also de-motivates team members. But it’s a part of management and you can’t ignore it, no matter if you are a micro manager or not; Let us see when it is good and when to use and when not.

Software industry is very huge and generally it has very small, on an average 5-8 years of life as a programmer or coder and then most of us are migrated to management positions like team leaders or project managers without realising what we are gaining and what we are losing.  Sometimes it is a dream to become project manager and other times we are just promoted as per our skills and company requirements.