Management and Business

After completing my engineering degree, I stepped into the IT industry by joining a small startup company which used to work on web development. I was happy to get my first job so early but felt a difference between what we were taught in college and how we were following in the company. I had learned various SDLC methods in college but nothing was used here. Basically, there was no focus on project management at all. I ignored the fact and kept working there with all hard work which required for my position.

It is a well-known problem in software industry. You as a manager or business analyst review all the project requirements, discuss with clients and share the estimate but at the end most of the time it is wrong. This frequency of failed estimation can hit your credibility among clients and even affect your confidence on your estimates. It may create a tendency to give base less high estimates to avoid the wrong estimate which will result in less lead conversions. Let’s discuss about the solution of this problem.

We choose engineering degree or any other IT degree to become software engineer. We work hard, pass the exams and join any software company and society calls us software engineer. Are you really a software engineer by just writing some code for simple websites, software or mobile applications without worrying much about the engineering concepts we learnt?

Being a manager we never like to be called a micro manager, but many times situationsforce us to practice this controversial management theory. Everyone says if you are micromanaging your team then you are a bad manager, but is it really true?

Let’s talk about it further. No one like micro management and it also not create leaders out of your team, it also de-motivates team members. But it’s a part of management and you can’t ignore it, no matter if you are a micro manager or not; Let us see when it is good and when to use and when not.

Thousands of software professionals pass out every year from different programs whether from B.Tech, MCA or any computer diploma. Everyone has a dream to do something remarkable in IT industry but our education system is nowhere near to our very fast growing IT industry.  Most of the software professionals are not skilled enough to get a chance to work. Even they are forced to work on barely minimum wages and sometimes has to pay training fee until they are capable to earn for the company. All thanks to our age old and never updating education system.

Software industry is very huge and generally it has very small, on an average 5-8 years of life as a programmer or coder and then most of us are migrated to management positions like team leaders or project managers without realising what we are gaining and what we are losing.  Sometimes it is a dream to become project manager and other times we are just promoted as per our skills and company requirements.

It is always confusion in the mind of new web developers that “what should be their way to start a project?”.  Most of the web developers work in smaller or start-ups companies and more often they are individual developers per project. They have to handle project estimation to project planning by their own set of mind.

 I will talk about some core responsibilities of a new web developer to help those developers. Here are the following:

Project managers are the important pillars of any organisation and their thinking, attitude towards team, work methodologies directly affect the organisation’s performance and growth rate. New managers are often unsure about how they should proceed to lead team towards their goals. I will try to cover few principal that may be helpful to the new managers.