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Sunit Panwar
Web Developer | Project Manager | Technology Consultant

Welcome to my blog. I have 8+ years of experience in web world and the journey has been full time web development to full time project planning and management. I joined web world as a full time PHP Developer and part time trainer and never remain limited to that. I saw web development as a global term which includes all server side programming languages, databases, server management and mobile application development.

Though PHP with MySQL is my primary skill but as a Manager I also took interest to learn other technologies like node.js, Ruby on Rails, angular.js, react.js, vue.js, Kotlin with android development which help me to better manage and understand my team as a manager. I still do coding throughout the day and more on weekends. 

I am an expert in quick adaptation of new technologies in team like introducing new framework or programming language. Whenever, we need to adapt any new technology I start learning it myself and then teach my team members this way I am also keep me updated to dyanmic web development world. I enjoy programming, management and mentorship equally that's why I call myself a hybrid developer. 

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  • Master of Business Administration in Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology
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My interests includes:

  • Programming and learning new technologies
  • Project management and mentorship
  • Management processes implementation and process improvements
  • Writing blogs on programming, management, business and financial awareness
  • Everything with wheels(Bike, Car and even Shopping Cart :) )
  • Visiting hilly areas

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