Why Github is your best friend?

As a programmer we do coding on daily basis and there are some unfortunate cases when we stuck in some messed code and there is not idea what went wrong. Checking changes line by line is time consuming and sometimes not possible. In these situations version control tools like github comes very handy and blessings for programmers.

Today, I will talk about how github can be your best friend and life saver on daily basis. Let’s start here:

  1. Keeps record of every major changes:
    Git keeps records of each minor or major change you do in code in the form of commit. It becomes handy to got previous commit in case we lost with unknown error in current code
  2. Code merging makes easy:
    You don’t need to keep your own record of change and merge manually. Git’s merge command does this for you. It becomes very useful when you work in a team and need code merging on every week or so
  3. Work in team and know who made what change:
    It is always a pain to determine who deleted your important code when you work in a team and any team member can work on any file. Git keeps track of all changes with the information of users who and when the changes in files
  4. Separate production and development code :
    You can keep your development and production code in separate branches and merge anytime you want to make some development changes live. It is a life saver for programmers to make less mistakes in deployments
  5. Switch to older versions of code:
    You can switch to any of your older version anytime. You can also come back to see the differences between the older and latest version. It becomes very handy to return to old stable version when new commit have some bugs
  6. Make deployment easy and fast:
    You don’t need to use any FTP client to upload your code on server and wait for long process of file uploading. Instead you can push the local changes in git repository and pull on server. It is very easy just by a command and no upload fails due to slow internet
  7. Quick rollback for any major issue:
    You added some important feature and live site broke. Don’t worry you can rollback your commit to last stable version and fix the issue on separate branch or in local setup
  8. Works as a great code backup tool:
    All the code will be stored on github website and don’t worry about losing code due to some system failure. It is your best friend when live server code deleted and you can quickly pull the code from git and make website live again
  9. Issue tracking with ease:
    Github website also work as an issue tracker. Other users can report, fix issues and comment as a forum. This feature also makes it king for opensource projects
  10. Create open source project and make contribution easy:
    Github provides public repositories free and you can contribute by creating some cool open source projects which can help other developers

Above are some cool things about github which make it every programmer’s best friend. Know more how git and github related here http://sunitpanwar.com/how-git-gihub-related