What should you follow as new web developer?

It is always confusion in the mind of new web developers that “what should be their way to start a project?”.  Most of the web developers work in smaller or start-ups companies and more often they are individual developers per project. They have to handle project estimation to project planning by their own set of mind.

 I will talk about some core responsibilities of a new web developer to help those developers. Here are the following:

  1. Understand the concept of project:
    You should not start the work directly rather take few minutes to understand the concept of website and then start work according to the project plan. This will help to avoid any wrong flow or misunderstanding of any flow or module. If you understand the project’s concept then you will understand the task better and also get appropriate way to solve any problem quickly and you can save a lot of time.
  2. Gather all requirements and plan:
    Gather all the requirements in detail if you are the solo developer and create a plan by dividing modules and tasks in smaller tasks. Dividing tasks in sub-tasks helps to determine development duration and won’t miss any feature. If you are the part of a development team then you should understand the assigned tasks very well and plan those tasks by dividing in possible sub-tasks and set target time for each sub-tasks.
  3. Prepare questions and scenarios:
    You should create some scenarios after understanding the project and see are there any situations where there might be any feasibility issues or you are not sure about the time to solve some specific scenario problems. You should send scenarios and related questions before committing any duration and start development.
  4. Behave like a consultant with client:
    In today’s world you have to be a web developer and consultant at the same time. More often clients will come with just few links and want to develop similar things but they are not sure what actually they want. In these situations you have to behave like consultant and list possible features to confirm which features would be appropriate for client.  Sometimes you have to suggest some better way to something to help client and save your development time.
  5. Be a team player:
    Sometimes you get opportunity to work in a small team of 2-3 developers and it is very important to adaptive and work as a team in these situations. These are one of the few opportunities to learn and teach others to improve overall skills. You should know your roles and work accordingly. Be professional and don’t try to do someone’s work and waste your time rather you can help others for few minutes which don’t affect your performance.
  6. Learn and implement:
    Often you will get new challenges and you have to learn things quickly and implement the learnt things side by side. You should keep your set end date and should not try to understand any topic deeply rather you can just understand things which are helpful in current assignment and learn deeply later on in your free time. New developer often lost in learning and misses their deadlines. You should avoid this and learn only what is necessary at the moment.
  7. Be on track and make it happen:
    Always see your current progress and check if you are in enough pace to achieve any deadline or not. You can devote more time by extending your working hours to meet deadline. Never think you can request client to be flexible with deadline, it should be the last thought in your mind if extending hours not working enough. If you make flexible deadline habits at you initial stage of career then you will always be late in your future projects and you will destroy your career. Be smart, work hard and try to achieve deadlines. You will have more time to rest if you delivered project successfully and client is super happy. 

I hope above points will help new developer to set their mind to kick-start their career and have a great future. There may be many things and above are just my thoughts.